The Marketing and Big Data

With the emergence and increasing usage of the Internet, social media and mobile media have become required and routine options in people’s daily life. These tools not only can help people communicated with each other, but also is useful platforms in which businesses can reach their different segments of target audiences. When big data appears, social media marketing and mobile media marketing have arrived the higher level. Mobile marketing, which is multi-channel online marketing strategies, reaches their specific audiences through their smartphones, mobile phones, IPAD, or the other devices such as websites, E-mail, SMS, MMS, some other applications. Big data, which is the extreme large data, was analyzed through computer for several patterns and forms relating to human behaviors and interactions. The elements of Big Data covers people’s demographics, likes and dislikes. The forecast of the big data collected was that the volume should arrive 44 trillion gigabytes by 2020. Only if the big data is useful, marketers or organizations not only use the information to their advantage, automating process, gaining insight to their target market and improving the overall performance retrieving from the available feedback, but also get the appropriate marketing strategy according their company and positions.

Even though big data can provide the precious data for firms, whereas it will cause some mistakes. Nowadays, except social media and mobile media, many people spent some leisure time on TV after coming back, which was traced through the equipment on TV sets. However, even though they are watching TV, they still watch the mobile mobiles and laptops at the same time. That is, they actually do not watch the TV, and the money spent by the advertisement broadcasted through TV is not value. This will cause the errors on big data linked to TV. As a result, segment is important. For example, what the household consist of? How old are they? The reason of the segment is that the youth like swim in the mobile phones, but the aging people would rather like watching TV.  when organsations collect the data, these companies should ignore or add something in terms of the analyzation of demographics.

During 2019 to 2024, there are the increasing opportunities, trends and forecasts in China. The investment chances of Big Data are segmented by developments, enterprises, solutions and End-user Industries containing healthcare, retail, IT, manufacturers and the rest. China not only is the largest customer market stimulating the import in the world, but also is the world work shop producing countless goods for export. So big data can help Chine to assess customers’ market and engage in the other economic activities locating in high-value levels. Now China has possessed the big database. For instance, the data hold by Tencent is 15 times as much as the largest library in the world, and WeChat app has owned 760 registered users. Consequently, if these data can be divided in detail and analyzed deeply, the two companied may have the possibility of development in the future.

Fiat and Twitter

Fiat is the largest automobile manufacturer in Italy which has been operated in1899. Even though it has a long history being more than century-long, it still follows the popular social media and become one member of Twitter. Twitter is the microblogging and social networking service where users can engage and communicate by “tweets” which is the message name. In Fiat’s Twitter, we can see that the amounts of Tweets is 284, the following is 193, the number of followers is 411 and the likes is 12. From that platform, the potential target can check the users’ comment and concern. As a result, they can confirm whether they want to be the target customers from the potential audiences or not.

In the Twitter of Fiat, there is an interesting picture linked to Fiat new product-Alfa Romeo Open Bonnets displayed at the Alfa Romeo Museum. This advertising picture shows a light red car, conveys the reputation, luxury, passion and enthusiasm to target customers, and becomes a trigger which can stimulate them purchasing emotion. Here, Twitter is a social currency which can help Fiat to share things that makes them to be looked perfectly in the other people’s or organizations’ view.

Following the Tweets of the former picture, there is a campaign show in which there is the risk activity that show drivers drive the car from the high point to the water pool at the bottom of a small hill. I think this can help clients to swift the attitude of Fiat. Fiat has a small and modern style which decorated with Italian style. Except that, Fiat often invite the young model to endorse the advertisement, which means it can interest the increasing female’s attention rather than the male. In contrast, these kind of campaign show maybe can interest male’s concern and stimulate their purchasing power.

Generally, Twitter can let Fiat find much more potential consumers and promote their market.

“Douyin” players

“Douyin”, which has a formal global name-Tik Tok, has become a most popular and downloaded video-streaming  application in China. Nowadays, it has become main landscape of social media for customers, because it provides a virtual word in which the short-video content is always along with catchy music that is more accessible and more enjoyable. This platform also provides many chances to users with Douyin account, which promote them to engage with people and activities.

In 2018, there is a dramatical growth for Douyin daily active users from 30 million to 250 million, and now the population on this app has been pushed over 500 million active users. In the mainland China, according to the gender, female users occupied 56% and male users occupied 44%; In terms of the age, 30% of users ‘ age were 24 years old, over 50% of users were below 30 years old and people whose age were approximate 35 occupied 75% of all; According to the geographic locations, there is 35% of users having located in the super-city such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen, whereas there is an consistent increasing number of users having lived in third-tier cities including Zhuhai, Haikou and Tangshan; In terms of time used, the most active and busy time were lunch time from 12am to 2 pm and evening from 7 pm to the midnight. Expect China, this application has been expanded to other countries such as Japan, Indonesia, and the United States.

Douyin not only provides people entertainment but also helps users to do e-commerce which cover beauty, fashion, education and other industries. Because Douyin has a famous feature which was named live streaming, it can provide influencer and their fans chances to watch, comment and send gifts with each other. The influencers of live streaming also educate and guide their fans purchasing behaviour. For instance, these people often recommend some beauty goods of some good brands as well as some products made by themselves to viewers.

For the influencers, the most important assignment is to get more fans, which means that the more fans they have and the stronger influence they possess. In other words, it means that the increasing number of fans can decide more sales, good engagement and brand credibility. In order to do so, Firstly, the influencer should have a stable theme on their accounts such as selecting a brand and interacting with audience about the efforts of the products. Secondly, building a community of people having the same interests. Thirdly, posting the video in regular time. Because, Nowadays, every Chinese citizens and companies were permitted to open their store through Douyin, however, the unique requirement for them is to possess at least 10 short videos.

At present, Douyin account not only link the other platforms in China such as WeChat and Weibo  but also repost the content to Instagram. So influencer and audience  maybe have more and more social media communication chances.

WeChat Business-a famous viral marketing in China

WeChat is a Chinese leading social media tool, integrating many functions of some other social networks such as what’s up app, Instagram, Apple pay and eBay. People can use this social media not only to chat, to share useful information with friends and closed relationships, to play virtual games, to track their fitness goals and make short videos, but also to shop “on online” and pay for goods and food by WeChat Pay and WeChat Wallet. Expect that, users can use WeChat to book taxis, flights, cinema and interesting places tickets, restaurants’ seats and make appointments with doctors.

Nowadays, WeChat has covered many countries around the world such as the mainland China (including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau), United Stated, South Africa, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. WeChat also has possessed a big group of users. About 1.082 billion users communicate actively on WeChat per month in which the majority is Chinese who occupy 90% of all, over 1 million users are Australia and 5 million users live in South Africa. The application also has entered in the U.K. market by a rapid growing rate. Furthermore, the tool can support above 20 languages now and the using number of the tool will increase in the future.

In mainland China, WeChat is a powerful marketing tool, which possesses a more powerful influence than the other social media tools because there is no access to What’s up, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in China. So, if your company desires to raise the brand awareness in Chinese people’s mind or want to enter the China market, the most effective and direct way is building up a WeChat account and using this tool to engage with Chinese-speaking customers.

WeChat marketing is a model of Viral Marketing which not only has the sharing of information associated with marketing mix between the friends, colleagues and close relationships but also rely on the social media tools to gather and exchange the customers information. So, WeChat marketing can help marketers to communicate with customers, to build a database of customers who have consumed and who have huge possibilities to consume and to gather the feedback. Nowadays, some organisations from the big-size and middle-size to vendors has got their databases by the tool and has expand their business circles by these clients in the databases. For example, when some special Chinese festivals will arrive, the saleswomen of a clothing brand will send the promotion information to customers and encourage them to bring their friends or family members to purchase the goods in the store. In 2016, the sales produced by WeChat was ADU$34.85 billion. In addition, there is a new career position named “DaiGou” having become popular in China. “DaiGou” is similar as the agency—the people who has lived in a foreign country often purchases the local products from the country and sells the goods to her Chinese customers who is living in China now. The delivery is by the post and the transaction is by the WeChat pay. The majority of the products sold was the luxury brand goods such as Channel, Dior, Hermes, LV and Prada because the prices of these commodities in China are much higher than them in the other countries. So, the WeChat market is a big and potential market, and the WeChat marketing is still a useful method to help the organisations to finished sales quota.

Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

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